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Resources for the Book

I’ve known Sarah for a few years and I was delighted she got in touch to ask if she could get a separate document, with the notes pages from the book.

“I didn't want to spoil my copy of the book by filling out the details, so wondered if you have those forms as a template somewhere that readers could use?”

The great thing about people getting in touch with questions, is that I can respond!

Whether you’re in that same position, of wanting to keep your paperback book clean of notes, or you’ve got a Kindle or Audiobook edition and want somewhere to write things down – here you go!

There are two versions of this available, one with printed lines for printing, and one that works better as a soft copy Word document for you to fill in and save.

Enjoy! And do let me know what further questions you have, or what further resources could be useful for you.

BTC Notes Pages for Online v2
Download DOC • 72KB

BTC Notes Pages for Printing
Download DOC • 102KB


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