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Professional Speaking

I do like to talk about most things, but in a professional capacity my speaking topics are:


High performing teams



Diversity and Inclusion

Being the best at what you can do

Why you don’t need more confidence

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My Story

A Business Psychologist, Executive Coach and Speaker with 20 years’ experience advising companies on leadership.  I've held positions with talent management firm SHL/CEB and leisure giant Gala Coral Group before joining Totem and becoming CEO.

I believe that people achieve amazing things when they're at their best, thriving, feeling confident and having the necessary skills.  Giving people the tools to support and challenge themselves and others to be at their best is my personal opportunity to make a difference to the workplace and the world. 


And one of my passions is to achieve this by delivering Speeches and Executive coaching on topics such as Leadership, High Performing Teams and Resilience.


I'm also an advocate and speaker on Diversity and Inclusion, addressing unconscious bias and subjectivity which is a particularly pertinent topic for HR and Recruitment Directors.   And I aim to weave in thorough understanding of how belonging and psychological safety are the backbone to leadership development.


My natural strengths are in speaking, coaching, facilitation and relationship building (it's my job, I practice everyday!) – and I'm often required to get to know people and their organisations very well, very quickly, to really understand your goals, challenges and opportunities.

Working with me always start with a conversation – let me know what you’re looking for, the event you’re running and what support you would like – and if you’re still not sure, here’s my latest testimonial.

I wanted to add my personal note of thanks to Helen for her presentation at the conference earlier this month – the scores are in and this was the highest rated of any CIPFA conference.  91% of the survey respondents rated her session as excellent or good.


Thank you for making it the best we’ve ever delivered.  I do hope we are able to work with you again in the future.

Manj Kalar – CIPFA Central Government Conference

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