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This page is focused on working with me 1:1 as your coach. If you are interested in working with me on larger projects, training or consultancy, you can get in touch below or see more about our work at


What do you want to gain from coaching? Here are a few examples of goals and questions that coachees have come to work with me on….

  • I have just been promoted to a people management role, and I don’t know how to make the shift.

  • How do I delegate when I don’t know who I can trust?

  • How do I give feedback without demoralising people?

  • I need to work on my presentation skills.

  • My manager tells me I need to have more credibility with senior stakeholders and I need to use more storytelling. 

  • My role as a senior leader can be lonely. I need a sounding board.

I blend coaching, mentoring and being a sounding board, according to what you need in each meeting, and in each moment of that meeting. That means you’ll be listened to, heard, given space to reflect, asked questions to challenge your thinking, and if useful, I’ll share ideas with you too.

The best way to assess whether we can work well together, is for us to have a conversation. Contact me below to arrange a free-of-charge, no obligation 15 minute call.





Contact me to arrange a free-of-charge, no obligation, 15 minute call to discuss your coaching goals.



One to One Coaching


Contact me to book your first coaching session, pay as you go or book a tailored programme of 3 - 6 sessions.

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Better than Confidence:

Online Workshop

Contact me to book your 90 minute interactive masterclass in the Better than Confidence thinking tools.

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