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Mentoring 2.0

Are you looking to develop your career? And getting stuck?

In the Totem podcast this month, we were exploring the fact that International Women’s Day tends to come along each year with a focus on women, and what they can do to be more confident and successful.

As though the issue of so few women at the top is an issue for women to resolve alone.

And of course, any of the issues that come up around confidence, credibility, exposure to the right people… it is not just women who face these challenges.

Could we do better at asking for help?

Perhaps that is the act of bravery we need right now, to reach out and ask someone in our business for support.

“Isn’t asking for help seen as a sign of weakness?!” I get asked all the time. But, what if you think about asking the question in a different way? What if we considered going to someone senior in the business and asking them, “would you consider being my mentor? I’ve been impressed with the way you have developed your career here and I’d love to hear more about how you have done that?”

People love talking about themselves. And people love to help and feel useful. So you never know, the person you ask might just say yes!

And once you’ve had a few conversations and they talk about the power of network and getting exposure to meetings and projects…. Couldn’t you ask them to invite you to such a meeting? To make an introduction for you? To involve you in a project?

Think of someone that impresses you in your company. What if right now was the moment to simply reach out and say hi?

Let me know how you get on!

Best wishes as always,



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