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Can you Help?

Happy Bookaversary!

What a year it has been since Better Than Confidence was released out to the world! It has been fantastic to hear stories of how the book has helped people – kids at school, people going for promotions, getting back to dating again, preparing for an interview in better ways, having that difficult conversation…

This is why I wrote the book, to help people take those steps and stop waiting to feel confident before they believe they can do something.

To celebrate the one year anniversary, you can get 20% off the Kindle copy on and just this week – buy your copy here.

And we’re going to be creating another video series of top tips – last year it was introducing the tools from the book, whereas this year I’ll be answering common questions I get asked on Better Than Confidence workshops and keynotes. Stay tuned!

Can you help?

Please could you help me with a mission to increase the reviews on Amazon for Better Than Confidence?

I don’t know about you, but when I’m purchasing something on amazon, I like to read what others have said about it – to get a flavour of what I’m buying and how useful it might be.

So I’m keen for potential readers to get a good idea of the book, based on your experience of it.

Thanks so much for your support,



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