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Better than Confidence Freebie

A sneaky peak into Helen’s new book!

If you’re excited about the release of Helen Frewin’s book: Better Than Confidence, then you’ll probably enjoy a sneak preview of the first chapter.

It’s a short one, a kind of introduction to

the book – enjoy!

“You need more confidence” is one of the most useless, vague and unhelpful bits of advice or feedback that exists.

What do we do with it? Take a pill? Wait for a few years, assuming we’ll be more confident then? And, perhaps even more worryingly, this is also something we tell ourselves. Have you ever told yourself that you need to have more confidence before you can do something?

I’m here to tell you different.

Yes, confidence is great. It feels good, helps us to be calm and in control. It can even lead to a better night’s sleep. The problem is that making confidence your goal is a total distraction. It turns your thinking inward to how you feel, which moves you away from the thing you wanted to do. There are better ways of getting results.

Instead of focusing on how you feel, which is essentially what confidence is, it is better for you to have useful thinking tools that drive you to get the outcome you want. And the great news is when you use these better thinking tools, not only will you get results, you’ll also feel good. Confidence becomes the side-benefit of better thinking.

If you’re reading this book because you think confidence could be helpful for you, take a moment to consider: what do you want that confidence for? Is it just to feel good about yourself?

I doubt it.

Everyone I work with who believes they need to work on their confidence wants to do so because they believe this will help them achieve something else. My point is simple: start with the something else, not with confidence. When we focus on achieving our goals, being great at what we do and having a positive impact, we are more likely to succeed.

The tools in this book will help you do just that.

Better than Confidence is available to buy now!


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