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Better than Confidence: About the Book

My first book was meant to be about honest conversations. That’s the book I set out to write. But part-way through the process, the idea for “Better Than Confidence” landed, and took over.

I realised that key to good conversations was better thinking, and I noticed how many of my clients were struggling with the idea that they needed more confidence. As I reflected on the number of people over my twenty year career who have been told that they just need more confidence, and how unhelpful that had been for them, I knew I had to write this book first.

The words flew out of my mind and onto the page, I couldn’t write fast enough as all the tools and questions that have been so useful to my clients over the years, gathered into one place.”

Better Than Confidence has three sections. In Part 1, I do some mythbusting on confidence and challenge our thinking that it is a helpful goal to aim for. You can get a flavour of this in the following sneak preview of the first chapter.

Your Coach in a Book

In Part 2, it’s time to get practical. I lay out seven thinking tools that are better than confidence. Questions to ask yourself, different ways of thinking, managing fears and useful structures for preparing for big moments like a presentation or difficult conversation.

Each chapter has summary and reflection pages at the end, where you have your own coach in book form – asking you to consider your situation and prepare your thinking so that you can be most effective in getting the outcome you want.

Finally in Part 3, you see how these tools play out in classic contexts where many people believe they need more confidence. Speaking up in meetings, presentations, applying for that promotion….

These are all contexts where people will often say, “I need more confidence.” and I show you how these thinking tools can be used most effectively in these situations, bringing the ideas to life. Again there are reflection pages, for you to use when you face such a situation, and be coached through what you want to achieve and how you can get there.

Find Out More

You can get a sneak preview of the first chapter of the book here. or the next thing for you to do is go and get your copy!


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