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What is Better than Confidence?

"What could be better than confidence?" a few people have asked me as they have seen the name of the book, or the title of a workshop I'm running.

It strikes me that there are loads of things better than confidence, that I don't even explore in the book. In the context of the workshop or the book, I answer with suggestions of better thinking tools.

Instead of focusing on needing more confidence, think about the outcome you want, what other people need from you and how you can best deliver those outcomes. That's far more useful than confidence because it drives action and results.

But outside of these workshops and thinking more broadly..... There are so many things that are better than confidence. Things like joy, peace, creativity, listening... we don't need confidence for any of those things and on their own, they're pretty amazing.

So here is a short and sweet message for this month....

What great things would you like to add into your day? Maybe in the past you have considered that it would be good to have more confidence. But what if you could take action to get something better?

Better listening?

Space for creativity?

Thinking time?

A walk outside for a fresh perspective?

What could that be for you? And how would you go about getting it?

Wishing you a great month of March ahead!


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