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Top Tips Video Series

To celebrate the launch of the book “Better Than Confidence: the thinking tools you need to get the results you want”, here is a video series of seven top tips from the book.

In this first video, I talk about the concept of Better Than Confidence, and the idea that the belief that you need more confidence, could be your first challenge.

In this second video, I talk about the idea of focusing on the thing you want confidence for, rather than getting distracted with the need for confidence in its own right.

In this third video, I explore the importance of getting more specific about the outcome you want.

In this fourth video, I talk about the simple process of working out how to get what you want.

In this fifth video, I talk about the idea that it’s not about you, it’s about them! Who ever “them” is – your audience, your team, your customer… Focus on them.

In this sixth video, I share my favourite question for when I lack confidence: “how can I add value?”

In this seventh and final video of the series, I raise the challenge that whilst there are better ways of thinking than focusing on confidence, there is no doubt that looking confident can be beneficial. So how can you do it?

And don't forget, you can by the book in paperback or kindle versions by clicking on the button below!


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