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How to Say No

A year after publishing Better Than Confidence, we’re releasing a three-part video series on the most common questions I have been asked.

In workshops, keynote speeches, or simply people writing to me after they have read the book, these are the most frequent questions coming up.

This is the final of the three, focused on the question people have asked me, “how do I say no?”

This question is often surrounded by a context of overwhelm, possibly even an organisational culture of being kind and helpful…. And so it feels just plain wrong to say no.

But what if it’s not about saying no? What if it’s about being the expert who can advise on reasonable timescales?

What if it’s about explaining the consequences on quality of doing something at speed?

And what if, before getting into those tactics, you need to address your beliefs about whether it is wrong or rude to say no or manage expectations?

This will be a challenging one, stick with it!


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