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Book Launch

The Better Than Confidence Masterclass and Book Launch event is now available for you to watch!


This was a great opportunity to celebrate the book launch and hear from people on what they found most useful, and what further questions they had. Then Helen shared some extra insights and useful tips that didn’t quite fit in the book.


Here’s the agenda covered in the session:

Hearing from readers – if you have started reading the book already, share the things that stood out for you and the questions you have so far.

The 7 Thinking Tools – more on where these came from and extra stories of how they can be applied. We’ll also explore a common question I get asked: “which one is most important?”

“What if…?” – the classic barriers to applying these tools and how you can overcome them.

What else can help? – should you fancy more than seven thinking tools, in this section we’ll explore extra tips and ideas, and I encourage you to come ready to share what has worked well for you over the years.


Action planning – how do you ensure this doesn’t just become another book on the shelf? What can you do straight away to benefit from these ideas?

Please note that for confidentiality and GDPR purposes, we have edited out people’s videos and full names.


"Helen has a lovely down to earth approach and is always very patient with us. Our business is fast paced and Helen recognises this and adapts to change quickly to match our requirements. Always professional but also enjoys a giggle with us too."

Sarah Williams

Retail HR Director


"Helen is the calm you need in the eye of the storm. Always there to listen, understand, be a great sounding board and then respond with action. She is incredibly pragmatic and supportive – everything you want from a consultant and a coach."

Gill Howarth 

Global Head of TA


"Helen is an outstanding coach. She cuts right through the noise and asks those crucial questions that make you leave the session with the answers and direction you were hoping to find. I would highly recommend working with her."

Claudia Colvin

Founder of Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

"Helen cuts through to the core of an issue and helps anyone work through to a solution.  That inspires great confidence in us working with the her and her team, as we can see that Helen understands our business and has credibility at all levels."

Lisa Monteith

Director of Talent Acquisition Kantar

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